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Basic Experiments Online Activities Simple Activities
Picture of electrolysis experiment.


This experiment demonstrates how water can be separated into hydrogen and oxygen.
Screen capture of game showing carbon count.

Arcade Game: Carbon Chimps

Help the Carbon Chimps recycle old power plants and pick the best spots for renewable ones. See how high of a score you can get in this banana flinging fun game. [Flash plug-in required]
Picture of Planet Janitor holding earth in hands.

Planet Janitor Coloring Book

This Spanish/English edition environmental coloring book illustrates how the world is in our hands.
Photo of solar cooker, panel design.

Solar Oven

Learn how to make several different solar ovens with simple materials.

Picture of magnifying glass on top of laptop keyboard..


These activities require the student to investigate a topic using the World Wide Web.
Picture of Take a Trip to Clean Air coloring book..

Take a Trip to Clean Air
Coloring Book

This environmental coloring book explores the various alternative fuels available for transportation.
Picture of solar still.

Solar Still

Discover how easy it is to purify water...a great survival skill.
  Picture of girls standing on sidewalk and boy drawing a chalk outline around her shadow..

Statue Time

See what happens when a human is used as a sundial.

    Picture of sun shining on PV panel.


Ever wonder how people used to tell time without a clock or watch? Learn to make two different sun dials.
    Picture of sun shining on PV panel.

How the Princess Saved Her Country

A true story as told by the Planet Janitor about a princess and how she saved her country from deforestation.


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